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Clean room packaging after cleaning

Businesscase Galvano Waalre - Variclean

The demand for expansion of our services

Galvano Waalre has proven her position between reputable Dutch galvano companies. We are a specialized galvano company according to Maarten Van de Manakker, account manager. We are specialized in various surface finishing techniques, electrical polishing and several combinations thereof.

We do have many high tech companies as customer. The demand for expansion of our services next to the surface finishing on the delivered parts also doing the packaging in a clean room environment resulted in an investment in a cleanroom and necessary equipment like an ultrasonic cleaning installation and a reverse osmosis installation.

ISO 14644-1 Grade 4: Complying on customer wishes

According operations manager Mario Croonen are the parts leaving the galvano department already clean but not so clean that they could be directly packed fulfilling the requirements of our customers. Our clean room complies with ISO 14644-1 Grade 4 and complies with the demands of most of our customers.

Ultrasonic cleaning installation with a good price/quality relation

For this ultrasonic cleaning installation Galvano Waalre contacted several companies among which  VARICLEAN, and laid the wishes on the table. On basis of this information they arranged some meetings and they required a technical proposal and a quotation. Finally they have decided to go along with VARICLEAN.

The most important reason for this choice was the price/quality relation of the offered installation and the wish for a fast delivery in order to guarantee the continuity to our customers.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic cleaning technique is applied in many sectors of the industry. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning applications could be implemented  for many  maintenance applications. So basically wherever an effective and efficient cleaning is desired.

Continuously higher demands on quality, environmental- and health regulations are requiring close cooperation between user, supplier and manufacturer. VARICLEAN will be pleased to be of any service with your ultrasonic cleaning requirements.

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VARICLEAN benelux bv is specialist in ultrasonic cleaning for industrial and professional applications. On base of your cleaning requirement we would be pleased to provide you the right advise and an adequate solution. 

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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