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Reverse osmosis installation

Demineralized water for the last rinsing stage

The water quality is of great importance for the final cleaning result. Several cleaning agents do require also for a dosing with demineralized water. For many cleaning processes it’s important to reach a water quality free from salts and minerals. Also for a spot free drying it will be necessary to use demineralized water in the last rinsing stage to remove the last soap or acid remains from the surface. With those compact reverse osmosis installations it will be possible to produce demineralized water of a high quality.

Producing reverse osmosis water

There are various ways to produce demineralized water. An often used method is to use reverse osmosis technology for the production of demineralized water. With this method it’s possible to remove the colloidal present particles up to a diameter of 0,05 µm.  Furthermore are the most solved organic and an organic compositions removed, up to 95% or more. In case a higher water quality will be required it’s easy to reach with an additional mixed bed behind the unit. Besides the custom made installations we are also delivering a series of compact reverse osmosis installations with a capacity of 50-300 L/hour. The desalting result will end up above the 99%.

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Features reverse osmosis installation

  • Compact way of building
  • Touch Screen
  • Reproduction with actual values and alarm/system status information
  • Automatic membrane rinse system
  • Usable without water softener ( up to ca. 15 dH )
  • Low energy consumption

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