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Modular ultrasonic generators

Ultrasonic generators foreseen with the latest SMD-technology

Those by our Eastern Nabors developed and produced series ultrasonic generators are foreseen from the latest SMD-technology, microprocessor control and power electronics, and usable for industrial for industrial applications where high standards are required on a daily performance and reliability. The generators do have compact dimensions and are by their modular nature suitable for various available 19” housings up to a maximum power of 10 kW in one housing. If the ambient conditions requires so the generators could be built in a closed electrical cabinet with air circulation and cooling. 

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Meer over ultrasoon generatoren

Every module is a complete generator!

  • Each generator-module functions as an autonomous ultrasound generator.
  • New-type output stage ensures high degree of efficiency > 95%.
  • Stable at no-load, i.e. even if a resonator is not connected, the generator is not damaged.
  • Short-circuit proof, overload protected.
  • Protected against a to high bath temperature
  • Automatic impedance and frequency control.
  • Output power adjustable between 40% and 100% of the nominal output.
  • Pre-set output power automatically held constantly.
  • Monitoring and display of effective ultrasound output.
  • Status display on every generator module.

Interface connection offers the following options:

  • Each generator-module could be switched on/off independently or in a group.
  • Individual monitoring of the output power with a 0-10 Volt signal.
  • Ultrasonic power could be switched on/off by remote contact.
  • Monitoring and failure control of important functions.
  • Several options for programming and integration in PLC/PC.
  • Generator modules available in 0,6 kW, 1 kW, 1,2 kW, 1,5 kW, 2 kW en 3 kW effective ultrasonic power.
  • The maximum ultrasonic power in one housing will be 10 kW-effective, e.g. 5 modules of each 2 kW.
  • Available in working frequencies of 25 kHz and 40 kHz and higher.

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