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Test set to determine the surface energy

How good is a part degreased? With this knowledge it will be possible to determine a reproducible degreasing process and to find the optimal settings of the process. This will be an important information for those parts which will get a treatment afterwards like e.g. a coating or painting, components which will be used in oxygen and gas applications, to control the cleaning process itself and to optimize the lifetime of the cleaning bath/rinse water. But also before a bonding process will take place this will be important information.

It's a very efficient and sufficient test method. You will see directly the result which could be expressed in to a value. This value is expressed in mN/m (before Dynes/cm).

By metal degreasing applications a value below 35 mN/m will be insufficient. A value above the 40 mN/m will be for many applications sufficient.

The test set consist of 7 bottles with a content of 10 ml/each en the measurement reach will be from 28 up to 56 mN/m. The accuracy will be plus or minus 1 mN/m.

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  • Easy to use
  • Reproducible measuring results
  • Fast way of measurement with a high accuracy
  • Good readability also on a rough or dark surface

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