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Ultrasonic Parameters


Temperature is the most important parameter to maximize the intensity of the cavitation, because many fluid properties depend on them. For example a change in the liquid temperature results in a change in viscosity, fluid pressure and in the solubility of gas in liquid.


Viscosity of the cleaning fluid should be kept to a minimum to generate an optimal cavitation. Viscous liquids do not respond quickly enough when generating cavitation and implosies.

Gas in liquid 

For an effective cavitation process should the amount of gas in the cleaning fluid be kept to a minimum. The added ultrasonic energy to the cleaning fluid will the gas (read oxygen) convert to gas bubbles and this keeps a minimum energy left to generate cavitation. It is therefore important to degas the liquid before a start is made with the cleaning, only then the cavitatieproces will be optimal.

Ultrasonic power

The ultrasonic power is directly related to the bathvolume and mostly to the cleaning  application and is expressed in Watts per litre. The intensity of cavitation is directly related to the ultrasonic power and frequency choice.

Ultrasonic frequency

Ultrasonic cavitation intensity is inversely proportional to the frequency related to the ultrasonic frequency. At a higher frequency the intensity of the cavitation will decrease , where there is an increase in the number of cavitation bubbles. This is because the cavitation bubbles remains small with a minimal implosion force. In other words, the higher the frequency, the finer the "cleaning brush".


In support of implementing the optimal choice and process parameters, an application laboratory is at your disposal, where cleaning tests can be carried out. On the basis of these tests, we recommend you which equipment will be necessary, the cleaning process and the appropiated cleaning agents.

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