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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning

For various applications

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely usable in the industry. As well in a production surrounding as for many maintenance applications. This overview is only a selection out of the many industrial cleaning applications there are. Do you have focus on a certain application? Please let us know and we will be pleased to advice you further.

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Aeronautical and aviation industry
Ball bearings, measuring instruments, generators and engines, wheel rims, control panels, navigation instruments
Ball bearing industry
Particular parts, but also completely installed ball-, roll and needle bearings.
Battery manufacturers
Battery cells
Chemical and food laboratories
Glass bottles, pipettes and other laboratory tools
Cutting ware industry
Knifes, scissors, tweezers, etc
Electronic industry
CRTs, oscillating crystal, components made out of ceramic, glass or ferrite, relay mechanisms, semiconductors, photocopier drums, battery cells, data display devices, separation of faulty color CRTs, energy safety switches, cables, multi-layer condenser, electrolyte condensers, TV-masks, contact tools, measuring tools 
Electroplating industry
Polished parts of all kind immediately prior to the electroplating process
Fine mechanical industry
Screws, bearings, parts of counting and measuring devices (also for power supply), electrical razor heads, pencil sharpener blades, ball pens, needles, sinter bearings, petrol pumps, pneumatic valves, measuring instruments, etc
Fitting industry
Armatures of all kind prior to the galvanizing process. Automobile industry: cylinder heads, injector tubes for diesel engines, injector pump cases, injectors, cylinder running surface, exhaust pipe, press filters, tools for precise measuring
Food industry
Plastic transportation kits for bottles, cookies, meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fish, etc
Glass industries
Glasses, bowls, bottles, lamps, curettes, mirrors, glass pipes
Glasses manufacturers
Glasses, frames and joints
Surgical instruments
Household appliances
Appliances prior to the enameling process
Rings, bracelets, watch bracelets, brackets, powder boxes, lipstick boxes, cufflinks, handbag handles, jewelleries of all kinds
Manufacturers of large devices
Cover hoods for fluorescent tubes, money exchange machines, ticket printers, typing and telex machines, contact units, telephone boxes devices, etc.
Medical mechanics
Cannulas, surgical and dental instruments, glass cuvettes
Metal industry
Zink printing cast parts
Metal manufacturers
Brass, copper strips etc in through feed methods
Mirror manufacturers
Car rear-view-mirrors
Museums and collections
Oil refinement industry
Color sleves
Optical industry
Glasses, prisms, high-quality optical devices made of glass or plastics, frames
Pharmaceutical industry
Pill stamps
Photo industry
CD-cavities, camera casings, locks, bearing jewel, frames, lenses and parts of photometers.
Photocopier drums
Plastic industry
Hub caps, plexiglass parts, macrolone disks, varnishing masks, radio and TV casings, watch components, etc
Power plants / Nuclear research
Printing companies
Label manufacturers, other printing techniques, color heads, cavities, print rolls, print machines components, serigraph masks, serigraph frames, numbering instruments, etc
Public administration
Police stations, public utilities, bus companies
Public utility services
Utility counters
Railway companies
Brake actuator valves, bearings, measuring instruments, bumper parts, etc 
Refrigeration and climate engineering
Compressor components
Rubber industry
Press forms for oil seals, rubber rings, ceramic forms for rubber gloves
Sewing machine manufacturers
Grippers, cogwheels, needles, etc
Silverware industry
Silver- und INOX-ware
Sinter materials
Ferrite parts, sinter bearings, artificial coal parts, blades, graphite part
Sport and hunting weapons
Gun locks and magazines
Relais, etc
Textile industry
Spinning nozzles, yarn conductors, weaving braids
Tooling industry
Press forms, screw taps, threading dies, slide gauges, micrometers, measuring instruments, cutters, drills, saws, blades, etc
Vacuum techniques
Components of vacuum pumps
Watch manufacturers
Platines, watch stones, casings, drilled pinions and other technical devices, navigation techniques
Wire manufacturers
Drawing dies, spring and flat wire
Wood treating
Circular saw, saw blades, moulding cutters

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