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Compact / modular ultrasonic cleaning system

Ultrasonic cleaning bath, rinsing baths and hot air recirculation drying system

Ultrasonic cleaning, spot free drying and clean packaging of components

Those compact ultrasonic cleaning systems are extremely usable for the ultrasonic cleaning and spot free drying of components and to pack it cleaned. The cleaning system consists out of an ultrasonic cleaning bath, rinsing baths for stand-alone rinsing or in cascade and a drying stage with hot air recirculation and/or vacuum. Those  compact cleaning systems are  available in volumes of 40, 80 or 120 liter content. The ultrasonic frequency is related to the application 25 or 40 kHz, however duo-and higher frequencies are also deliverable.

The selection of frequency and type of equipment supported by laboratory tests.

There are several options in order to optimize the cleaning system for the application and the set-up in the area. To mention some: over flow tank, connection pump/filter system, surface skimming, oil separator, heating on the rinsing bath(s), extraction system, ultrasonic in the rinsing stage, oscillation mechanism, hinged covers, dosing of the chemistry, automatic or semi-automatic handling of products, rotating basket, support frame with spillage containment et cetera. The question which execution or frequency will result in the best cleaning performance for your application could be answered by doing laboratory tests. 

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  • Process baths in Stainless Steel, ASTM 316L.
  • Outside skirts/panels Stainless Steel ASTM 304.
  • Heat and sound isolated
  • Standard equipped with level protection for the ultrasonic and heating elements
  • Ultrasonic generator with adjustable power
  • Delivery with a removable cover or an isolated hinged cover, manual or pneumatically controlled.
  • Overflow, filling point and drain valves
  • Top plate with liquid spillage return
  • Liquid tight connection between the baths
  • Connection cable with CEE - connector
  • All equipment will be manufactured and delivered according European (CE) and RoHS  guidelines and norms.
  • Delivery with English or Dutch manual

Control panel at the front:

  • Digital timer
  • Digital temperature setting/readout up to 80°C
  • Level indication + reset
  • Start/stop

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