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Ultrasonic sieving

Innovative ultrasonic sieving system for the sieving of bulk material and powders

Ultrasonic sieving technology has many advantages

Variclean delivers an innovative ultrasonic sieving system for the sieving of solids. This ultrasonic sieving technology offers enormous advantages by the sieving, charging and feeding bulk materials and powders.

This technology requires no tuning of mechanical components on the frequency of the ultrasonic generator. This results in a high flexibility for the user and lower cost for the refurbishing of a sieving screen. The ultrasonic components could be connected to almost every sieving screen in operation.  For new sieving designs there’s a simple coupling needed for the transfer of ultrasonic energy. By cleaning the screen continuously during the process a significant higher flow rate will be reached.

Applications for this sieve technique could be found in the painting-, coating-, chemical-, food and pharmaceutical industries. Some examples are the sieving of colour pigments, coatings, toner powder, sugar, flour and spices. But also powders for metallurgical or ceramic processes.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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