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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning of heat exchangers

Also for compressor and turbo parts

VARICLEAN completed recently an order for a large industrial ultrasonic cleaning system for the cleaning of e.g. heat exchangers with an overall length up to 10 meters and a diameter of 1,5 meter, volume 33.000 litres (8700 gallons). Of course it’s possible with this ultrasonic cleaning system to clean other heavy parts like compressor and turbo parts. Next to the engineering, production and delivery we also provided training for the operators and support during start-up.

Materials resistant within whole pH spectrum

In order to increase the cleaning efficiency the heat exchangers could be rotated in the liquid with a weight up to 30 tons. The materials which are in contact with the cleaning fluid are resistant  for chemicals in the whole pH range. By this various heavy organic and an organic contaminations could be removed effectively.

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Cleaning system build in containers

The cleaning system and periphery are built in containers because it must be possible to transport it to a location where it should function autarky. The whole cleaning system consist out of three parts, the ultrasonic cleaning bath with the service platform and hydraulic pumps for the stabilisation and rotation units, one separate utility centre with power generator for the electrical supply, indirect heating system, waste disposal system, storage tank, pump/filter system, and a separate acclimatized control room with all electrical connections, ultrasonic generators and PLC control with HMI screen.

Push-Pull elements for high intensity cleaning

For the transmission of the ultrasonic energy we used Push-Pull elements because of the high intensity which will be needed to clean such parts. The elements are mounted very flexible and could be replaced in an inventive way in to the bath in case the application requires such.

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Ultrasonic cleaning techniques offers a wide range of applications. It could be used for all applications where an effective and efficient cleaning will be required. VARICLEAN would like to be of service with all your ultrasonic cleaning requirements. Post your question thru the reaction form or call us directly: +31(0)541 - 760 488.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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