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Titanium anode etching line

Businesscase Magneto - Variclean

Environmental friendly etching is an investment in the future

SCHIEDAM - “It was a jump into the depth but we dare.” Patric Roodenburg, in that time Project Engineer with MAGNETO special anodes b.v. attended the switch within the company from manual etching with ethanedioic acid into a complete new etching line with chlorohydric acid. Six weeks there was a hold on the production of anodes during the transfer. The result was a lower production cost and an environmental friendly process. You don’t have to scare for a large investment if you know there are enough benefits said Rodenburg.

Glowing in combination with pre-dipping and ultrasonics

“The etching in chlorohydric acid is already used with other metal production companies, among whom anode producers. The glowing in combination with pre-dipping and ultrasonics are new methods. Most certainly this way of implementing ultrasonics can offer advantages for other metal production companies. The between layer took care of the possibility that etching in chlorohydric acid went possible for us without blasting (manually) all the products. 

Ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic cleaning technique is applied in many sectors of the industry. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning applications could be implemented  for many  maintenance applications. So basically wherever an effective and efficient cleaning is desired.

Continuously higher demands on quality, environmental- and health regulations are requiring close cooperation between user, supplier and manufacturer. VARICLEAN will be pleased to be of any service with your ultrasonic cleaning requirements.

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VARICLEAN benelux bv is specialist in ultrasonic cleaning for industrial and professional applications. On base of your cleaning requirement we would be pleased to provide you the right advise and an adequate solution. 

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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