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Ultrasonic cleaning of air coolers

In ridged baths with high volume and ultrasonic power

Ultrasonic cleaning of air coolers, power plant engine cylinder heads, turbo charger parts in the power and marine industry. Those heavy parts should be cleaned in ridged baths with a high volume and consequently a high ultrasonic power.

Reasons why cleaning on regular basis is advised

Why coolers e.g. should be regularly cleaned  is in general well known, by inlet coolers, shell & tube type coolers or heat exchangers in general causes contamination a reduction of heat transfer and a loss of efficiency. Other reasons for cleaning could be hygiene by bacteriological accretion or safety with organic contamination in combination with an oxygen rich atmosphere.

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Several cleaning products available

For the cleaning of coolers several chemical products are available. The choice of which one should be used is depending on the type of material, contamination and cooling or heating medium.

The cleaning operation will be done in one or more steps with mainly (light)alkaline or acid chemistry and often followed by a rinsing step. Not only the type of cooler but also the application where the cooler is installed determines the most effective cleaning medium. A regularly cleaning operation avoids possible technical interruptions  and improves the efficiency.

The ultrasonic cleaning process in steps

The ultrasonic cleaning bath is continuously filtered and the organic contamination separated from the cleaning liquid, the floating particles will be kept by the filtration system. The system could be delivered optional with a lift system or handling device with PLC control.

The ultrasonic cleaning bath is equipped with ultrasonic submersibles and built in ultrasonic generators with automatic frequency control and adjustable power. The whole is of solid German quality and is completely supplied with a plug-in cable. Naturally the system is in accordance with the directives for CE and RoHS.

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