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USC models

Ultrasonic cleaning baths with several connection possibilities

  • This standard program is deliverable with  volumes of 40, 80 and 120 litre.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning bath with digital setting of temperature and ultrasonic timer.
  • Provided with level protection to protect ultrasonic and heating elements.
  • The ultrasonic baths do have a filling point, overflow and drain valve.
  • The top plate has a special shape so that spilled liquid returns in to the bath.
  • Furthermore they are standard provided with an overflow rim and necessary connections for a pump/filter system and/or oil separator.
  • Delivery complete with a removable SS cover and SS basket.
  • We are using high grade materials which are in contact with the process fluid from ASTM316 or higher.

Technical specifications USC ultrasonic cleaning baths

Simply to operate true control panel

All ultrasonic baths are provided with thermal and/or acoustic isolation. There are several options available for further expansion of the systems like product handling, process control, safety precautions et cetera. All functions and settings like time, temperature and ultrasonics are easy to maintain on the control panel. The equipment is based on construction and material choice suitable for continuous use. The question which execution or frequency will result in the best cleaning performance for your application could be answered by doing laboratory tests. 

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VARICLEAN benelux bv is specialist in ultrasonic cleaning for industrial and professional applications. On base of your cleaning requirement we would be pleased to provide you the right advise and an adequate solution. 

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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