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Ultrasonic cleaning of cylinder heads

Effective application for ultrasonic cleaning baths

The ultrasonic cleaning system depicted here with lift is specially developed for the cleaning of cylinder heads of both passenger cars, trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles. The portal construction  of the lift is stable constructed with a substantial pneumatic cylinder. Removing oil, grease and carbon contamination is essential for a quality revision. Not only the sight surfaces but also the oil and cooling channels are thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning baths for cleaning engine parts such as cylinder heads

The dimensions of the elevator plateau, with oscillation to increase the rinse operation in the channels, be such that the larger cylinder heads also fit on it. The hinged cover is an integral part with the elevator which means the elevator in the upper stand, lid open and at the bottom stand cover closed. This is by means of safety since the cleaning liquid reached a temperature of approx. 75°C.

The cleaning bath is completely isolated and equipped with ultrasonic submersibles, built-in ultrasonic generator with automatic ultrasonic frequency control and adjustable power, control cabinet with PLC, adjustable heating, overflow chamber with oil skimmer and connections for an optional pump/filter system.

Ultrasonic cleaning baths for cleaning engine parts such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, etc. in garage- and overhaul companies. The whole is of solid German quality and is completely supplied with a plug-in cable. Naturally the system is in accordance with the directives for CE and RoHS.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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