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Ultrasonic cleaning of an espresso machine

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To drink a cup of coffee on his time is a real pleasure. The Barista be witched only the black gold out of his espresso machine if these is in a top condition with in there the best coffee beans. Next to the quality of the coffee beans are the settings in the machine of importance to reach a good and tasteful result. De finesse of pulverizing, dosing, temperature settings and timing are essential parts of the process to serve a nice cup of coffee.

A professional espresso machine consist out of many parts  which autarkic and in combination should function optimal. Next to the cleaning of elementary parts by the user are there of course also more fundamental activities in the heart of the machine which should be carried out by the supplier.

Manual cleaning is an intensive job

At a complete revision and/or repair the espresso machine went mostly back to the workshop where the machine will be disassembled and all parts cleaned. Coffee residues, sticking coffee greases, and calcification will be removed of the several parts. This is mostly done manually what’s an intensive job.

A good cleaning will be important for the food and drink safety aspects.
This type of cleaning activities are carried out also for years with Limarc Services bvba what requires a lot of time. They were notified by a colleague in Holland about the opportunity to do this within an ultrasonic cleaning bath. They bought two years ago a cleaning bath from VARICLEAN and were very content with the results. Almost directly Limarc contacted us and after consulting they purchased an bath. The fact that (food and drinks) safety are an important aspect it’s important to use the right cleaning fluids with as additional property a good flushability. The life time of the cleaning fluid is relatively long and therefore the baths are standard electrolytical polished to avoid bacterium growth at the walls and to clean the bath properly.  The end result is above expectations and will justify the investment.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic cleaning technique is applied in many sectors of the industry. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning applications could be implemented  for many  maintenance applications. So basically wherever an effective and efficient cleaning is desired.

Continuously higher demands on quality, environmental- and health regulations are requiring close cooperation between user, supplier and manufacturer. VARICLEAN will be pleased to be of any service with your ultrasonic cleaning requirements.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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