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Ultrasonic cleaning of measurement instruments

Admesy chose for a 4-stage ultrasonic cleaning, rinse and drying system with an oscillation system and compact osmose water installation

Recently VARICLEAN delivered an ultrasonic cleaning system to Admesy. Admesy offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on colour and light measurements in inline production process environments. All products are developed and produced in-house based on a long history of inline testing. They provide their customers with innovative test & measurement solutions tailored for colour and light measurement in production processes. The products are innovative, compact, fast, user-friendly and robust.

Measurement instruments for industrial use

The measurement devices are developed for industrial use and combine high speed accurate measurement with a robust device with a low maintenance need. The wide product range offers a solution for almost any measurement question.

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Ultrasonic cleaning of parts

The quality demands are of a high industry standard and parts should be very clean before assembling them. Therefore all critical parts are ultrasonically cleaned under clean room conditions before entering the assembling area. Any spot on the surface of a part, or contamination within a tap whole with e.g. M2 will be visualised and must be eliminated in order to produce the measurement instruments.

4-stage ultrasonic cleaning system provides the solution

After a period of doing several ultrasonic cleaning tests Admesy decided to go along with VARICLEAN and we installed recently in their clean room a 4-stage ultrasonic cleaning, rinse and drying system with an oscillation system and compact osmose water installation.

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VARICLEAN benelux bv is specialist in ultrasonic cleaning for industrial and professional applications. On base of your cleaning requirement we would be pleased to provide you the right advise and an adequate solution. 

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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