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Ultrasonic cleaning of pharmaceutical parts

With a clean room classification Grade C

Recently we delivered an ultrasonic cleaning bath according pharmaceutical standard to a renowned multinational pharmaceutical company. The requirements on workmanship and quality aspects are very high. Also requirements on sound levels are high since operators are working continuously in the cleaning area. The equipment complies with a clean room classification Grade C. In the ultrasonic cleaning bath are pump parts and filling needles e.g. effectively cleaned.

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Specifications ultrasonic cleaning bath

The bath is made with round corners and provided with a lift device with electrical motion which also has a built-in oscillation movement for an optimal rinsing in hollow spaces and capillaries. The equipment has a sound insulated hinged cover supported by a gas spring and a protection device against fall back.

The equipment is electrolytic polished with a surface finish which is equally or better than ≤1,5 Ra. All piping connections are with a Tri-clamp. Filling from the WFI and draining of the bath is automatically.

Control and monitoring of the process settings

A Siemens PLC with HMI provides the control and monitoring of the process settings where there is chosen for Profibus communication. Besides a level control there is also a measurement on conductivity. When the cover is in an open position, to low liquid level and/or a conductivity which is not between the settings it’s not possible to start the ultrasonic process and a signal occur. After recovery the cleaning process could be continued.

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