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Ultrasonic cleaning of saw blades

Effective application for ultrasonic cleaning baths

Saw blades, mills and chisel blocks effectively ultrasonic cleaned before proceeding the grinding process. CNC controlled grinding machines are working with a high precision. It is therefore essential that the blades are properly cleaned before starting the grinding.

Now this can be done manually with the traditional brush machine but this is a tedious and time consuming work and will not always delivers the desired result. The extent and nature of contamination differs quite per industry where the blades are applied.

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Temporary corrosion prevention during the remaining process

In the wood processing industry we have e.g. to do with resins, wood dust, adhesive compounds and plastic packaging residues which contaminated the saw blades.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology offers a good solution here. Multiple saws could be cleaned simultaneously and protected with a temporary corrosion protection during the further process.

Depending on the number of blades, milling or chisel blocks that there per day or per charge should be treated  various ultrasonic cleaning baths are available with different bath dimensions.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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