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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning stands for an effective way of cleaning of very different parts and components. The efficiency is based on the transition of soundwaves in a cleaning fluid which causes cavitation.

These cavitation bubbles will collapse in the compression phase of the soundwave which causing implosions and shockwaves in the liquid. The collapse and implosion of myriad cavitation bubbles throughout an ultrasonically activated liquid result in the effect commonly associated with ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic energy ensures a cleaning deep into the pores, without scratching, brushing or scraping. Whether it's cleaning of parts or components in the production phase or with maintenance applications, ultrasonic technique is very widely applicable. 

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VARICLEAN benelux bv is specialist in ultrasonic cleaning for industrial and professional applications. On base of your cleaning requirement we would be pleased to provide you the right advise and an adequate solution. 

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology
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