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Piezoelectric transducers convert alternating electrical energy directly to mechanical energy through use of the piezoelectric effect in which certain materials change dimension when an electrical charge is applied to them.

Electrical energy at the ultrasonic frequency is supplied to the transducer by the ultrasonic generator. This electrical energy is applied to piezoelectric element(s) in the transducer which vibrate. These vibrations are amplified by the resonant masses of the transducer and directed into the liquid through the radiating plate.

Early piezoelectric transducers utilized such piezoelectric materials as naturally occurring quartz crystals and barium titanate which were fragile and unstable.

Early piezoelectric transducers were, therefore, unreliable. Today's transducers incorporate stronger, more efficient and highly stable ceramic piezoelectric materials which were develops as a result of the efforts of the US Navy and its research to develop advanced sonar transponders in the 1940's. The vast majority of transducers used today for ultrasonic cleaning utilize the piezoelectric effect.

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